Délire du désordre

Fusion – Red This cuvée is named after the name of a music style which I very much like for its mixing of hip-hop and energetic rock. My favorite bands are Rage Against The Machine (of course), Faith No More, Suicidal Tendencies, Body Count. Regarding wine, it is also the fusion between gamay said from Auvergne and gamay said from Beaujolais and between two types of vinification. You can download the specification sheet in PDF.


Located in Volvic. Soil : feldspathic sand.

Grape variety


Age of the vines

From 15 to 110 years old.


420 m.



Grape harvest

Hand harvested grapes in 18kg crates.


40 hl/ha.


Whole bunches in 2 fibreglass vats. First vat: grape trampling to make space in the vat and maceration of whole bunches in the juice. Second vat: carbonic maceration. Devatting, pressing, blending of both vats with the free-run and pressed juice. Maceration of 3 weeks. No added chemical inputs.

Wine maturation

Half of the wine in a vat, the other half in a 15 hl cask for 8 month.


No filtration and no added sulfites.


Decanting recommended, temperature of 15°C.


75 cl et magnum bottles.