Organic farming

The way of working the vines is done considering living things, vegetable, soil and health.


Since 2013, the vines are in conversion to an all-organic agriculture.

My work experience with Patrick Meyer allowed me to learn and gain skills to practice biodynamic. Each year my plots get the basic biodynamic preparations i.e. 500P (cow-horn manure) and 501 (horn silica).


To work the soil I always chose a solution, which will avoid too many passages and soil settlement. I grow grass and bring mineral and organic matter, which are essential to the vegetable strength and structuring of the soil. I also would like to put simplified cultivation techniques (TCS) into practice. In fact, with a direct seeding process, we can obtain a high-density vegetable that we will crush and this will create a protective and nourishing mulching.

There is the one plot of Ménétrol that I work without any mechanization. It is the animal traction, the one of a horse, which will contribute to the good working of the microbial life.


Besides, for some months now I have been taking care of the Michel Augé’s beautiful mare called Praline, which is used to vineyard works. I am practicing animal traction with great pleasure. I can still make a lot of progress but the efficiency of the work combined with the affinity built with the animal, encourages me to practice and improve.


For the treatments, I follow the advices of the technical specifications for organic agriculture. Therefore, I use sulphur and copper to which I add herbal infusions and decoctions in order to reduce the doses recommended by the manufacturers. All in all, I try to follow Demeter’s technical specifications and once my vines will have the organic certification I will ask for Demeter’s certification.