Les Crosses – Crouzol

This plot is located below the main road going from Volvic to Chatelguyon. There we can find the gamay from the cuvée « Fusion » as well as white grapes like chardonnay and young plants of sauvignon, auxerrois and sylvaner. Regarding the gamay, we have the pleasure of working with an old plot of gamay from Auvergne planted in 1903.


The terroir is unchanging. It is made of sand shaped by the volcanic-sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous formations. We can observe in places clayey resurgence in that feldspathic sand. It is not unusual to see basalt blocks popping out during tillage.


It is an extremely draining terroir producing fresh and powerful wines. South facing, this island matures more quickly than the hillside.


As a matter of interest, this place hold the name « Les Crosses » (crozier in English) because horsetail is growing on this plot and when it becomes tall, it bends over to look like a bishop’s crozier.