The wines

Winemaking is a passion and natural wine is the commitment of giving a clear image of our plots. The Auvergne, and especially the Puy de Dôme, has a significant advantage: the diversity of its terroirs. Is there a better place to make natural and living wine, with no added chemicals polluting our taste buds and standardizing flavors?


We don’t have the largest diversity of grape varieties, but the gamay reveals itself wonderfully on these volcanic soils. Without artificially changing taste and by working organic matter and living things respectfully one single grape variety will allow to make thousands of completely different wines.


As for me, I make four cuvées from Gamay, one white wine using Chardonnay, one red wine using Pinot Noir and finally one red wine using Syrah.

I will let you discover my seven cuvées and I hope you will want to taste them:
– Bullette dans ta tête
– Les Crosses
– Magma Rock
– Fusion
– Rockaille Billy
– Tournoël Riot
– La coulée

You can download the specification sheet in PDF.

Why those names ?
Music is my passion and especially rock music. My cuvee names have, for most of them, a link between terroir and rock music. For each wine, you will find a detailed explanation of those names.