Tournoël Riot

Tournoël Riot – Red

The “domaine sous Tournöel” is the vineyard that I took over from Alain Gaudet in 2015. Alain Gaudet helps me a lot and above all trusts me in my work. Always with his ideas but always listening. I wanted, with this wine, to pass on a message and mark the difference in style. Tournoël Riot seemed relevant to highlight those 2 facts, a reminder of the name of the vineyard and the English word “riot” reminding of the revolution happening in the vineyard. The word “riot” is also there as a reminder of the punk culture well present in me.

You can download the specification sheet in PDF.


Located in Volvic. Soil : granitic sand and basaltic scoria.

Grape variety

Pinot noir.

Age of the vines

15 and 40 years old.


500 m.


South East.

Grape harvest

Hand harvested grapes in 18kg crates.


25 hl/ha.


Whole bunches in a fibreglass vat. Grape trampling to make space in the vat, maceration of whole bunches in the juice. Devatting, pressing and blending of the free-run and pressed juice. Maceration of 3 weeks. No added chemical inputs.

Wine maturation

In burgundy tanks.


No filtration and no added sulfites.


Decanting recommended, temperature of 15°C.


75 cl et magnum bottles.